Confronteer iPhone 5

Confronteer is an iPhone app for conducting confrontation analysis. It supports the specification of confrontations (conflicts) and the subsequent identification, and description, of dilemmas.

Confrontations may be geopolitical standoffs or familial squabbles. The same principles apply at any scale.

Confrontation analysis is a mathematical framework for describing and analysing such conflicts—particularly situations involving stakeholders with potentially conflicting objectives.

In confrontation analysis, desired outcomes are described in terms of the behavior you require of others. This, after all, is all you can influence.

The desired objectives of the various stakeholders, along with their intentions should their objectives not be met, lead to a set of mathematically-defined dilemmas. It can be shown, again mathematically, that the resolution of these dilemmas is all this is required to achieve a stable resolution to the confrontation.

Dilemma elimination, therefore, represents a necessary and sufficient strategy for resolving the confrontation.

Visit the Wikipedia entry for further information about confrontation analysis.

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The app

Confronteer allows confrontations to be modeled with ease. Clean, uncluttered displays focus attention on the confrontation—not the app.

By stripping away unnecessary details Confronteer excels at analysing confrontations as they are unfolding. Use it to inform your strategy in meetings as you interact with other stakeholders.

Dilemmas are identified automatically and described in detail, along with pointers to elimination or defensive strategies.

Finally, models (including dilemma descriptions) can be exported as (HTML) formatted reports.

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